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Geographic reference

District Ruse

      Dve Mogili Municipality is situated in the eastern part of the Danube Hilly Plain on an area of 345 sq km. It occupies 13.1 % of the territory of Ruse District and 0.3 % of the territory of the whole country. It borders the Ivanovo, Borovo, Opaka, Popovo and Byala Municipalities. Its settlement system includes 12 settlements – the villages of Baniska, Batishnitsa, Bazovets, Karan Varbovka, Katselovo, Mogilino, Ostritsa, Pomen, Pepelina, Shirikovo and Chilnov. The administrative centre is the town of Dve Mogili. It is 32 km to the south of the district centre – the town of Ruse. The name Dve Mogili means “two mounds”, it comes from the two Thracian burial mounds south of the town. Only urns with the ash of the ancient rulers have been found inside them.

      The town is situated on both sides of the Ruse - Gorna Oriahovitsa railway line. It occupies a territory of a wide loess plateau characterized mainly with flat terrain, cut by deep and short glens in some places.

      The natural complex of varied landscape creates good circumstances for developing agriculture and livestock breeding.

      The geographical position and natural resources, the absence of activities, which could have a negative effect on the ecological balance, are the Municipality’s advantages and the wealth. They are also a prerequisite for its economic growth.


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