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Kindergarten "Pyrvi Yuni" - Baniska

     The kindergarten Pyrvi Yuni in the village of Baniska now is in a building, which was built in 1883. The building was intended for a primary school first. It was used as a school until 1927. After that it became Practical School of Agriculture till 1946. From 1957 the same building has been used as a community center with cinema and library.
     In May 1966 the building was overhauled and opened as a temporary kindergarten. In 1967 it became a daily kindergarten. Elena Petrova was appointed for a director. She performed this function till her retirement in 1993. During these years the base has been improved significantly. A lot of renovations and improvements have been made.
     The next director of the kindergarten Pyrvi Yuni in the period of 1993-1998 was Veneta Dimitrova. And from 1998 till now Veneta Ilieva is the last director.
     In the academic year 2008/2009 kindergartens from the villages of Batishnitsa and Buzovets - "Snezanka" and "Detelina" joined to the kindergarten Pyrvi Yuni as Affiliates.
     About 80 children in four groups: two groups in the village of Baniska, one group in the village of Buzovets and one group in the village of Batishnitsa are educated and trained in the kindergartens. Our staff includes 19 people, 9 of them are the pedagogic team.

     Kindergarten "Pyrvi Yuni" - Baniska
     Address: 7167 Baniska, 13 Han Isperih str.
     Ruse District

     Phone numbers:
     Tel./Fax: +359 8147 - 246; +359 8147 - 246


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