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Week of Dve Mogili Municipality
Thursday, 19 August 2010 00:00

Traditional celebrations of Dve Mogili Municipality this year were carried out in the period from 19 to 22 August. Participants in the International Children's Folklore Festival "With the folklore of the past - together in the future", namely Dance Group „Dorulets", Calarasi, Romania and Dance Ensemble “Kodreniy" Calarasi, Moldova were greeted in the town of Dve Mogili on 19 August. On a session of the municipal council of Dve Mogili the mayors of Dve Mogili Municipality and Bielsk Podlaski Municipality officially signed a contract of cooperation and mutual aid in the sociocultural, sporting and economic fields on 20 August.

Guests were impressed by the incredible natural fantasy in the Orlova Chuka Cave, by the architecture and originality of the Bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo and also by the quietness and the cosiness of the small town near the two mounds. All day long on 20 August on the parking place in front of the town hall there was a car race with radio controlled auto models organized by Prista Sport Club and with the collaboration of Dve Mogili Municipality and the Bulgarian centre-right Political Party GERB. Later on a demonstration of east martial arts - karate and jiu-jitsu was organized on the local stadium where the European champion Todor Sabev came with the assistance of Club Dinamo - Ruse. People also watched yoga, aerobics, table tennis, football, dodgeball - sports events by which Dve Mogili Municipality intents to include and encourage young people to exercising, as a necessary and useful activity related with healthy and fulfilled life.

Defile of the International Children's Folklore Festival "With the folklore of the past - together in the future" crossed along Bulgaria Blvd on 20 August. Then the Mayor Dragomir Damyanov officially opened the 7th edition of the International Children's Folklore Festival "With the folklore of the past - together in the future". To honor the feast of Dve Mogili Municipality at the invitation of the mayor came the honorary citizen of the town of Dve Mogili the General Consul of Russia in Ruse Mihail Torshin, delegations from Berovo, Macedonia, led by the Mayor Dragu Nadzhinski; from Calarasi, Moldova, led by the Mayor Nikolai Melnik and the Mayor of Bielsk Podlaski, Poland led by the Mayor Eugeniy Berezovich. Representatives of Calarasi Municipality and Prundu Bargarluy, Romania also were gests of Dve Mogili Municipality.

The stage of the Summer Theater was colored by the flags of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Poland, and the national flags of Italy, Greece and Turkey who were guests of the town in the International Youth Exchange on the Project "A healthy mind in a healthy body”, funded by the National Centre for European Youth Programs and Initiatives.

On 22 August from 9:00 a.m. in the locality of the Orlova Chuka Cave the Mayor Dragomir Damyanov announced the beginning of the traditional folklore fest. By noon local amateur groups and performers from Ruse, Karamanovo, Tabachka and Zaraevo had performances on the stage. Unusual rock ruchenitsa (a Bulgarian folk dance) was shown by amateur artists from Palamartsa together with the international group of dancers that was loudly applauded by the audience. The Bulgarian guest singer Polly Paskova in a duet with Zdravko Mandadjiev gathered people in a large Bulgarian round dance and kept their high spirit.

Although the world financial crisis, people in Dve Mogili are celebrating. Celebrations express the originality, the willingness and the initiative of the municipality to work in people's favour.

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