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Power and Responsibilities

A Mayor of a municipality shall perform his/her functions as arranged under the Local Government and Local Administration Act, namely as provided under Art. 44. He/she shall:

  • Administer all the executive activities of the municipality;
  • Direct and coordinate the operation of the specialised executive bodies;
  • Appoint and dismiss the deputy-mayors of the municipality, mayor proxies, heads of departments funded by the municipal budget, municipal administration staff, except for those serving the activities of mayors in the settlements within the municipality, inflict disciplinary penalties as provided under the law;
  • Be responsible for the observance of social order, and in order to secure this, issues written statements which are compulsory for the chiefs of relevant police stations;
  • Organize the implementation of the municipal budget;
  • Organize the implementation of long-term programs;
  • Organize the execution of the decisions of the Municipal Council and then reports this to its members;
  • Organize the implementation of any tasks arising under laws or acts of the President of the Republic or the Council of Ministers;
  • Delegate the implementation of certain functions of his/hers to the mayors of villages under Art. 46 par. 1 of the Local Government and Local Administration Act, coordinate and supervise the expedience and conformity to the law of mayors’ orders and performance at effecting their authorities;
  • Keep contact with political parties, public organisations and other local government bodies in the country and in foreign countries;
  • Organize and perform the functions related to civil defence;
  • Preside the Council of Security and Crisis Management;
  • Assign or allow drawing up territorial development plans and carrying out changes for the terriotory of the Municipality or for certain parts of it, and approve certain territorial development plans under the circumstances and in compliance with the Territorial Development Act, and also organize their implementation;
  • Carry out the duties and fuctions of the Registrar of Civil Status and has the right to assign these duties in written form not only to the mayors of the villages where civil status registry are kept, but also to other municipal administration officials;
  • Represent the municipality before physical and legal persons and before the Court;
  • Ensure the provision of organizational and technical services to the Municipal Council;
  • Approve the regulations on the structural organization of the municipal administration;
  • In cases as provided under the law, the Mayor of a municipality shall perform functions as assigned to him/her by national government bodies;
  • Organize the implementation of the Municipal Council resolutions and report to it thereupon twice a year;
  • Provide coordination and technical services to the Municipal Council;
  • Participate in conferences of the municipal council with a deliberative vote;
  • Send to the Municipal Council administrative acts, contracts and their amendments issued in pursuance of the acts of the Municipal Council;
  • Present to the Municipal Council Management Program for the term of his/her mandate within three months of taking the oath. The program contains key objectives, priorities, activities, time schedules and results. The municipality mayor shall submit to the Municipal Council an annual report for the program implementation until 31 January;

The Mayor of the municipality participates in conferences of the Municipal Council with a deliberative vote. In his/her activities the Mayor is assisted by deputy-mayors, secretary and administrative staff. He/she appoints for the term of his/her mandate one or more deputy-mayors, according to the approved structure of the municipal administration. Their mandate may be terminated earlier without notice by order issued by the Mayor.


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