Община Две могили

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Sheltered house in the village of Mogilino

     Address: 7165 Mogilino, Dve Mogili Municipality, 1 Murgash Str.
     Ruse District

     Phone numbers:
     Tel.: +359 81463 / 233, 285

     Opened with Order № RD01 – 934 from 25 September 2009 by the Executive Director of the Social Assistance Agency.

     Director - Pavlina Yordanova

     Capacity -10 places, filled till 31 August 2010. Public delegated activity.

     The service provides a supportive environment for boys and girls with disabilities who has left the specialized institution. They are being accommodated by order of the Director of the Social Assistance Department – Dve Mogili.

     One social worker, therapeutist and nurse are taking care for the organization of daily activities of the children in the sheltered house.


Bank account

IBAN BG30UBBS80028449207610

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Project “Modern and Effective Administration in the municipality of Dve Mogili”. Contract А 09-31-38С/12.06.2009
Тhis project is being implemented with the financial support of Administrative Capacity Operational Programme, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.
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