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Hotels, places for relaxation

   The hotel base In Dve Mogili Municipality is still not good enough developed.

     Rest-house "Orlova Chuka" is 35 km south of Ruse near the village of Pepelina. It is located on the rock next to coniferous forest in the valley of the Cherni Lom River. It was built in 1983. It is a massive two- storeyed house, water-supplied and electrified, for 27 people. It has a kitchen and a dining room with a fire place, outer toilets, inner and outer sink and bathroom. The area has coniferous forests and beautiful glades. It offers excellent conditions for rock climbing, orienteering, opportunities for green school, archery, horse riding, interesting eco trails, conditions for barbecue, etc. Starting points: Dve Мogili - 9km and Tabachka Station - 5km. There is a road and two parking places next to the village. The rest-house near Orlova Chuka Cave belongs to the municipality. It has beds for 27 people: two rooms for 4 people, one big room for 8 people and there are 11 beds in the attic. It has new furnishing with double-decker beds, fridge, cable TV, new kitchenware. Near the house there are bar and terrace with 70 places.

   Website: www.orlovachuka.eu

     In the town of Dve Mogili there is one 2-star hotel. It has 3 rooms and 12 beds, a restaurant, summer garden and parking. Its address is: Dve Mogili, 2 Elba Str.

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