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Bus transport

      There are 69 km of municipal fourth-class road network and 50 km of republican third-class road network in the Municipality’s territory. The Ruse-Sofia road (Cross-Border Corridor №9), which is in the Regional Programme for European Development, passes along the boundary of Dve Mogili and Borovo Municipalities. The third-class roads Ruse-Byala and Trastenik-Popovo also contribute to the transport efficiency.

      The population of the Municipality is served by three companies: Evgeniy Nikolaev Ltd.Dve Mogili, which is a part of the municipal transport scheme. The Municipality has a contract with the company after a competition;

     ISKRA-98 Ltd. Ruse and KRAKRA-50-Zhivko Mihov Ltd. Ruse are a part of Ruse's transport scheme, serving the citizens in Dve Mogili Municipality.

      Every company pays a bus station fee regularly.

      There are seven bus courses from Ruse to Dve Mogili and the nearest villages daily:

  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Mogilino leaves at 8.00h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Mogilino leaves at 11.00h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Katselovo leaves at 12.30h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Mogilino leaves at 13.00h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Katselovo leaves at 16.00h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Baniska leaves at 17.30h
  • Ruse-Dve Mogili-Katselovo leaves at 18.00h

     The bus courses from the villages and the town of Dve Mogili are also seven:

  • Baniska-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 6.50h
  • Mogilino-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 8.00h
  • Katselovo-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 8.30
  • Mogilino-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 11.00h
  • Mogilino-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 14.20h
  • Mogilino-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 16.00h
  • Katselovo-Dve Mogili-Ruse leaves at 16.30h

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