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Kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" – Dve Mogili

    About us:

    Brief History
    Turning over the pages of the annals, nice memories awake in us! Pictures remind us of people and events from the remote past and not so long ago!
    We are looking for the roots of the full-time preschool organization back in 1969 when a kindergarten was opened in the building of the primary school.
    A creche and kindergarten was opened on 18 June 1971 – it is in a spacious and well furnished building with capacity of 102 children.
    A new one kindergarten with capacity for 150 children was officially opened on 1 May 1980 in the center of Dve Mogili. At this moment there are 233 children in it. Both buildings of the kindergarten are working now.
    Kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" celebrated its 40-th birthday in May 2009!
    During all these years the kindergarten is preserved territory for the children of Dve Mogili, who are the most important value for the town and our educational system as a whole. The kindergarten has built up hundreds of personalities and continues doing it. A few generations were educated and trained there.
    The history of the Kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" did not stop here - it continues in the future and will be written by next generations of children and teachers.

    Kindergarten nowadays:
    During 2010/2011 school year 125 children were admitted in 5 groups with names: "Rai" (which means paradise), "Pooh," "Slanchice" (sunshine), "Mickey Mouse" and "Shturche" (cricket) in the kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" in the town of Dve Mogili.
    In its Affiliate "Olga Jekova" in the village of Katselovo 21 children were admitted. The children group has the same name.

    Staff of the kindergarten:

  • Pedagogic staff:

    The director and all 12 teachers from the kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" in the town of Dve Mogili and from its Affiliate "Olga Jekova" in the village of Katselovo have university degree. The teacher of Music working in the kindergarten has higher musical education.

    Director: Milanka Stefanova Dobreva

    Teachers, children's group:

  1. Yovka Belcheva Maleva    
  2. Mariya Stefanova Georgieva    
  3. Antoniya Ilieva Borisova    
  4. Penka Hristova Maneva    
  5. Antoaneta Tsaneva Ivanova    
  6. Ivanichka Nikolaeva Koeva    
  7. Minka Dimitrova Ivanova    
  8. Boyanka Angelova Angelova    
  9. Nadezhda Stoyanova Angelova    
  10. Nadezhda Angelova Nedyalkova    
  11. Stefanka Belcheva Nikolaeva    
  12. Pavlinka Borisova Petrova

    Music teacher: Mariela Borisova Angelova

  • Additional serving staff:

    Non-pedagogic staff is also qualified with all the necessary competences and long experience in childcare.

    Accountant: Antoaneta Hristova Yaneva
    Cashier, manciple: Kalinka Petkova Hristova
    Chef: Kadrie Isufova Ahmedova
    Assistant Chef: Sofia Dimitrova Tsaneva

    Penka Trifonova Yosifova
    Sevdie Daudova Yuseinova
    Barie Yuseinova Yalnuzova
    Snejana Yordanova Georgieva
    Zarka Dimitrova Tsancheva

    Laborer: Genka Yordanova Kostova
    Washerwoman: Dora Todorova Koleva
    Chef: Bonka Peeva Koleva
    Manciple, cleaner: Elena Vladimirova Todorova
    Stoker: Peter Simeonov Ivanov
    Weaponless Security Guard: Penka Marinova Gospodinova

  • Medical specialist of health care:

    Nurse: Rosica Slavova Koleva

    Additional teaching activities:
    Children develop their knowledge, skills and talents by participating in various additional forms.
    Together with the Municipal Children's Complex "Dr. Dimitar Pangelov" in Dve Mogili:
    In the Kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" in Dve Mogili during 2010/2011 school year out of public educational requirements and together with the Municipal Children's Complex "Dr. Dimitar Pangelov" were organized the following groups:

  1. School for folk-dancing to the Children's Dance Ensemble "Ralichki" led by Pavel Alexandrov with children of the preparatory groups.
  3. Sport club for table tennis led by Daniela Lyubomirova Hristova with children from 3-rd group.

    Kindergarten "St. St.Cyril and Methodius" – Dve Mogili
    Address: 7150 Dve Mogili, 8 Plovdiv str.
    Ruse District

    Phone numbers:
    Tel.: +359 8141 / 27 82
    Director: Milanka Stefanova Dobreva

    e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Affiliate "Olga Jekova" in the village of Katselovo of the Kindergarten "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" – Dve Mogili
    Address: 7160 Katselovo, 5 Osvobozdenie str.
    Ruse District

    Phone numbers:
    Tel.: +359 8149 / 22 21


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